General Product Information



Dr. Rosanoff’s Magnify Magnesium Cream is the sole product sold on this website and is the only product sold and distributed by Mg Products LLC.  The formula for this magnesium cream was developed by Nutrition Researcher and Magnesium Expert, Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D. and shown to cross human skin in a pharmacological research laboratory.  In addition, Dr. Rosanoff’s formula was tested in a clinical setting and shown to significantly raise blood magnesium levels in just two weeks  (  This formula contains about 70 mg magnesium per teaspoon, and has been in public use for over 5 years with positive customer feedback and zero detrimental effects reported.   It is sold in 4 oz jars which can be purchased in any quantity, with cases of 6 or 12 at a discount rate.  All product is made in Canada and stored in and shipped from Michigan, USA.   Online orders are usually fulfilled within 2 – 3 working days for expedited shipping and 4 – 11 days for standard shipping in our COVID-19 aware distribution center in Michigan, USA, and sent out via appropriate shipping.   For further information: