Our Story


We are a small family owned and operated business. We are here because we care.

Soon after earning her Doctorate degree in nutrition from UC Berkeley,  Andrea Rosanoff,  stumbled upon buried scientific research on the vital importance of magnesium in human health. Seven years later when she became desperately ill with a mysterious chronic immune illness that doctors couldn’t help with, she turned to her nutritional expertise for answers. After some time and persistence working with a rigorous nutritional regimen that included magnesium, eventually she regained her health.

Because Magnesium had saved her from a painfully crippling disease it became her life’s work to research it in the hopes of making this life-saving information more accessible. Eventually, she wrote a book on the subject with her colleague Dr. M.S. Seelig, and later she began presenting her new magnesium research at scientific conferences all over the world. She continued to use magnesium both internally and topically in cream but, felt dissatisfied with the creams and oils that were available at that time.

Determined to find a solution she began to develop a better formula. After many years of diligent scientific study and practical health experience, in 2013 Dr. Rosanoff’s magnesium cream formula was created. 

Today Andrea lives with her husband, Steve on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi where she continues to be passionately involved in not only the scientific research of Magnesium but in sharing its valuable benefits with the world.  Dr. Rosanoff’s is committed to offering a safe and affordable product that helps ease your pain without a prescription.